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Maybe it's a bug, maybe it's a feature request. 

I live in Sweden and my computer has the Swedish localization. 

For TheocBase we have chosen Spanish as language, since we're in a Spanish speaking congregation. But when I print the Combination version of the program, the names of the weekdays are in Swedish (well, the first three letters of the names). What do I need to do (or what will you do) to make the weekday names show according to the language we have chosen? 

Best regards, Mikaël Stenelo 

4 years ago

I voted this up, because it is reproduceable.


Not as a solution, but as a workaround:

The problem is in the 2017-Combination.html template, lines 84 and 327, where you find (!DATE ddd, dd.MM.!

This is the placeholder that says: print the date and format it as: abbreviation of the day, then day of the month in 2 digits, a full stop, then number of the month in 2 digits,full stop). The output is based on the computer system. You can play around though.

If you use !DATE! it will just print the full date (in digits) according to the language settings for Theocbase.

If you want the day at all (!) an your meeting is on Tuesday, you can make that (Ti. !DATE MM-dd!! > that will display Ti. 08-02 for Tuesday 2 August.
I used MM-dd here,  because that is what you maybe use in Sweden. On the other hand, many Spanish speaking persons are maybe used to their own date format, and you can include that e.g. dd/MM. Whatever you like.

In line 327 you would need to use the abbrev for the weekend day.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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