Friday, 15 February 2019
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With the most recent update syncing between windows computers has had some real problems. First of all upon installations of the program amongst various brothers that have PC the speakers no longer showed talks.  I had to copy the data from a Mac and install it into the windows folder for the talks to reappear.  I can no longer assign speakers  from other congregations to their congregation name. Hence in the schedule where the congregation name should appear it only shows (). The option to assign congregation is greyed out for everyone other than local speakers. Changes to meeting times do not sync amongst computers. 

I’m not clear what I should press when conflicts appear.  Keep local changes or whats in the cloud?  How does that affect the database.  Say I made changes and another brother made changes to the same field, how would either option affect the database when syncing?

With this update if I sync changes to a computer that were made in another computer the changes don’t show unless I shut down the program and restart it.  Before they would automatically refresh when it was done syncing.

Unfortunately our coordinator will have to replace his computer because his is a 32 bit.  He is no longer able to use the program on his computer.  That’s an expense I don’t think he is able to take on right now.


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