Wednesday, 22 May 2019
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Hello TheocBase, congradulations on another amazing update! I am really impressed with the things you continue to do with the TheocBase App, not only for computers, but also for phones and tablets. I mean that sincerely. That being said I would like to report a bug when it comes to Printing the Call List and Hospitality Schedule. The Title of the Document does not show up on each page, also the pages are only partially filled. This problem occurred with the last Version of TheocBase as well. Everything else is working perfectly though. Thank you again for your work!

P.S. I am using macOS High Sierra Version 10.13.6 and I am using TheocBase 2019.05.0

more than a month ago

Yes it would have been in the previous version, since the template hasn't changed. See template folder. Sometimes the title for one page, appears at the bottom of the previous page. It is not so difficult to spot where the template probably needs tweaking.

if (!PAPERHEIGHT!==355.6 || !PAPERHEIGHT!==297 || !PAPERHEIGHT!==279.4) {document.write('<style type="text/css">section#header:nth-of-type(14n+2), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+3), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+4), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+5), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+6), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+7), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+8), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+9), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+10), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+11), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+12), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+13), section#header:nth-of-type(14n+14) { display: none; } div#week:nth-of-type(14n+14) { page-break-after: always; }</style>')}

It is more difficult to do the tweaking though... I would start with changing all 14n to 13n, but for me this html is a lot of trial and error. So anyone more versed...

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I like to use 


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