Saturday, 30 May 2020
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Hello Brothers,

     I would like to report a problem with the following Templates, WE-Schedule_1 and WE-OutgoingSchedule_1. The issue with WE-Schedule_1 is that AM or PM is overlapping the numbers in the time. I fixed this using the same fix for the Midweek Schedule that was outlined in an earlier post. The fix does have to be inputted on a different line though. I have attached the fixed Template to this post. 

     The issue with WE-OutgoingSchedule_1 is that the title of the document in the header does not repeat. Instead of being able to print or export one PDF with multiple pages, I have to print or save individual pages. Most of the time this is okay, however it is something that has not been fixed in earlier updates.

     If I may I would like to suggest that the developers of TheocBase make a manual for it. TheocBase is a great program, however if you do not know what you are doing, or if you are learning, you can create a lot of issues for yourself, which I have.

     Here are all of the things that I have learned from the support staff at TheocBase and from personal experience.

1. When inputting congregations, speakers or students into TheocBase, it is necessary to click on another name or field in order for the information to be inputted correctly. You can always check this by opening the sqlite file in the free version of DB Browser. Also, you should never sync with Dropbox until you have finished inputting all of your information into TheocBase.

2. When making edits to items in the sqlite file, you have to click either apply or write changes after each change.

3. You should regularly copy the database/sqlite file, and paste it somewhere else as a backup since TheocBase's built in backup is not reliable and does not work appropriately. Instead of putting the sqlite file in another place, TheocBase just creates an additional file in the same folder with the database/sqlite file, and it does not work appropriately.

4. If you ever have issues with duplicate entries for speakers, students or parts on the meeting, you can correct these issues by accessing the sqlite file with DB Browser. Once the corrections have been made, you need to delete the cloud data. When you do this you need to click "Synchronize" once the cloud data has been deleted, and not "Sign Out". If you click "Sign Out", all of your changes will not show and your information could be lost or at least apeear to be lost. However, if you click "Synchronize", all of your corrections and information will stay in tact and a new syncfile will be uploaded to Dropbox.

5. When you delete the syncfile and replace it, all of your brothers will get this message when they refresh TheocBase on their devices: "The cloud data has been reset, your information will be replaced. Do you want to replace this information?". When this message appears they need to select "Yes". If they get this message: "The same information can be found locally on your device, do you want to save this information?". When this message appears they need to select "No".

6. If other brothers want to use the computer version of TheocBase, they need to find the database file that Theocbase creates on their computers before they sign into Dropbox. Once they find the database file they need to delete it. If TheocBase is open, they need to close TheocBase. Then they need to put the datapbase file that the administrator has sent them, and put that in the same folder the database was in previously. The same thing could be accomplished by replacing their sqlite file, with the one that the administrator sends them.

7. The easiest thing for all parties involved is to create a Dropbox account, specifically for TheocBase alone. This way the brothers in your congregation do not need to try and find the syncfile for TheocBase to work on their devices, it will just work.

8. It is an excellent idea to make use of the "Access Control" settings on computers. If you are the one that sets up TheocBase, you need to have all boxes checked in "Access Control". Otherwise you will not be able to make any adjustments. If you only want certain brothers to be able to make changes, you need to have them uncheck all of the boxes except for "Publisher" and "Elder" if they are one. "Access Control" settings will not take effect until TheocBase has been closed and then reopened.

9. If your Coordinator, Public Talk Overseer, or you Christian Life and Ministry Overseer either do not have or do not want to use computers, you need to have all of the boxes checked in the "Access Control" settings in order for them to be able to make changes on their mobile devices.

     Thank you brothers again for all of your hard work.

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