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While playing around with Theocbase figuring out a work around for importing the March/April Workbook I came across a item that doesn't seem to have been documented yet and added to the help file under midweek settings.

I might be a tad slow in picking up on the new features  as they come available in the TheocBase program and i have no idea how long this feature has been available. Before I was happy with just the study number showing up that had been assigned to the student for their part under the "Study Point" but it is possible to have the actual theme alongside the number also.


instead of just having the number 1 under the study point for the assigned student it will show "1 Effective Introduction"

To add the themes you will need to download from the "Apply Yourself to Reading and Teaching" brochure the "epub" format. Then within TheocBase in the settings/Life and Ministry Meetings and under the studies tab, select the "+" icon and it will ask you to selct the file to import. Go to where you have downloaded the "Apply Yourself to Reading and Teaching.epub" brochure and it will load in the themes for you. Thats it your done 

more than a month ago

Actually the studies were there with the be-book. It could be a bit of a hassle to import those studies from wol(!), since not all languages provided them in the same format.

So probably the users that had gone through that trouble back then, sort of automatically turned to the tab you refer to, to import the new studies when they came, and once you are there, it is rather self-explantory.

It is true this is not (re?)incorporated in the Help, so especially easy to miss for new users or those that never used the be-studies before. I'll see what can be done about that.

On a side note: under the 'th-regime' study names are not being printed on assignments (and numbers only when needed to distinguish between similar assignments), but they are visible for the TB user.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I like to use 


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