Thursday, 18 March 2021
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Since February update, the time format was changed from 24h to 12h. time.

On this way the time row is now longer as it adds 2 additional letters either PM or AM which means 3 spaces longer. However the columm width in template S140 is the same, which provokes the time is not properly showed -Please see attached screenshot

So, from my view, the easiest way to fix this issue would be to change the time format back to 24h time, otherwise we should change S140 template


3 weeks ago

Dear all,

I would need support to change either the Time format to 24h or the template for printing the meetings schedule, otherwise the time is not properly showed as the column width is narrower than text for the time.

It only happens in English language, as in Spanish, for example the time format change to 24h.

I'm running version 2021.03.0 for OS X and the time format for OS is 24h

Thank you in advance.

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