Wednesday, 14 April 2021
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Dear Friends,

SInce I updated the db by applying 2021.03 version, the following error message appears at the startup.


After it, i could see the old data, but the following message or alike appear whenever i tried to update the data and failed. It looks when the upgrade has done, the table was not properly updated so that some of the columns might be missing or column missing when the update will be done.

UpdateFailure ParameterCountMismatch

UpdateFailure Update

For the above reason, I could not add a new data through the TheocBase interface.

What can we do?  Are there any way to fix the db by using db browser?

Thank you for your help!

Warm regards,

Chang Fan.

more than a month ago

Hmm, did you by any chance update while TB was open? Anyway, it won't help knowing that now.

I am thinking of a few things.

If you have a backup made under the previous version, swap the present database by a copy (not the original!!) of that backup. Find the database, make sure TB is closed, rename the database to oldtheocbase.sqlite or something else that TB finds unreadable, and put a copy of the backup instead. Make sure it is now named theocbase.sqlite. Open TB to see of the conversion goes well this time.

Scenario 2 (more likely, since you would have thought about 1 yourself). Make a copy of the database that you have, even if it doesn't work now. Copy it away from the TB folder so it doesn't get lost but keep the original in place.

Reinstall version 2021.03 and make sure TB is closed when you do so. After install, open TB to see if the conversion is OK this time. If that does not work, that particular database is probably now useless. Rename it for reference purposes, and put a copy (!! again not the original) of the saved database into place, but now reinstall version 2021.02 (which I assume you were using last before you switched to 2021.03). The install file may still be in your download folder. If it isn't please report back here. If it works now you are OK to install 2021.03. Personally I prefer to not do that from within TB, but run the exe which can be downloaded from the download section on top of this page.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I like to use 


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