Monday, 24 January 2022
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Recently I moved in a new congregation.

Can I transfer the data partial of previous TB in a new installation? Or should I transfer the entire database and then clean it out of data I don't need? 

Of course I don't want transfer publishers data, but speakers and their talk, given that I remained in the same circuit.



3 months ago

I'd clean the database of info you don't need.

With publishers gone, you don't need the history either.

So I'd go directly into the database, go into the tables lmm_meeting, lmm_assignment, and delete all records. 
Similarly you can delete persons from the persons table. BUT, make sure you do not delete the public speakers you need. 

To identify these: typically public speakers from not your home congregation (congregation number is not 1) have 'usefor' 512. So you want to keep all of those.

Another issue is with public speakers from your former home congregation, which now need to be defined as in an external congregation. I would probably add the former home congregtion as a new congregation, find out the congregation_id in the database, and change it for that person in the person table, as well as change 'usefor' to 512 for those.

Conversely to those it applies to, you can change the congregation_id to 1 (they were in an external congregation, but now your home congregation). Home congregation (defined in Settings) is always 1.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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