Friday, 19 August 2022
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Dear friends,
I am asking for someone in another cong. I myself don't have the issue.

They are using 2 computers which are synced via drop box. On both devices, the following message shows up:
"Error in SQL query, select NOTES from WHERE data= :data and type_id=1 and active Parameter count mismatch"
Both devices are using 2022.02 and WIN 11 Version 21H2.
After importing the Burmese Workbook for September 2022 an installation successful notification appears but nothing is showing up. After importing the English September Workbook, the English schedule for September and October is showing up, but the error message is still popping up all the time.

Thanks a lot for any suggestions!

1 month ago

Notes field is the general notes field, not the note fields that are connected to individual meeting parts. The purpose of that field is to note any assignments that are not defined in TB, though I have seen it being used for announcements e.g.

My suggestion, just hoping it will work:

After backing up (in TB Settings), close TB and open the database using a database browser. Locate the 'notes' table, and delete all entries: select all records and hit 'delete record'. Open TB and sync. Check if all notes are actually gone. Hopefully this will not return an error on the query. If it doesn't, you can reenter notes you need for the future.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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