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Hi friends!

Was wondering if you could help me out with a question or maybe it’s more of a user error. I noticed that when I use the New student/speaker chooser it only shows history of completed assignments for a student. This seems to happen for assignments on the same date and for assignments on different week. For example:

I assign student A to the first initial call. I then proceed to the second initial call and student A's name is still available on the top of the list and in the history, it does not show they are assigned the first initial call. I tried to save/sync to see if that changes it, but it remains the same.

This also happens on different days. I assign student A an initial call assignment on week one, I then proceed to week 2 and student A's name is still top on the list for an initial call. The history does not show that student A is already assigned the initial call on week 1.

Also, the filter With the same student…I read the help but am still having trouble understanding what that filters out. Does that mean when I select that, it will show all the students that they have not been assigned a talk? With or without that selected, it seems to always display the same number of students just all the history does not display.

Thank you for your help!

1 week ago

Probably you need to reset to the default settings (via three dots menu in the bottom right corner of the assignment chooser) - most likely the filter buttons are wrongly set, e.g. to display nonstudent assignments only...

As to the filter buttons, the help file says:

the filter buttons [2] at the top left determine which category or type of assignments to take into consideration for the details:

=> they do not affect the number of items or persons in the list (in the bottom "Count=n" remains the same), just filter which assignments you want to see below the persons name as details

regarding the filter "With the same student", the Help file says:

When assigning an assistant for a student part, the option With the same student is available, in order to only display assignments with the one, who is already selected as student.

This option is available only for assistants, in other cases, the option Similar assignments only is available, which is different in the way that only assignments are displayed in the details, that match the one, that is currently selected
(compare the labeling, when "Assignment" is selected from the three dots menu).

In any case, since the assignments which are displayed in the details, as well as the indicators (frequency of assignments, elapsed time to the most recent or first in the details list) change as the filters are adjusted, also the list is arrangend accordingly (if grouped by date or frequency as in the default setting). This means that in the case of assistants, you find at the top of the list those, who have not been recently assigned with the selected student. Those who have been assigned with the selected student, move further down in the list.


The only thing I can say to that, is that if I assign a student to the first initial call (e.g. first week of January), then go to the assignment dialogue for the 2nd initial call, the student has sunk to the bottom of the list (not changing the criteria).

There are many selection criteria, and therefore a quasi infinite amount of combinations. So it takes some experimenting. In the bottom it helps to select 'Meeting part' rather than e.g. Assignment.

The way I understand the manual on 'with the same student' is: it works only for assistants. If selected, only those potential assistants are supposedly selected that have been assigned to the student before. If in the past you have made an effort to mix as much as you can, basically that filter won't do anything...

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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