Saturday, 11 March 2023
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I think there is a bug opening the application on Windows. After installation I got the message, that the local database (theocbase.sqlite) was copied to my user profiles folder (Appdata\Theocbase) and actually there it is. I can navigate to this folder and the file is present.

The problem is, that my user profile is not located on the default drive "C:\". So when I open TheocBase it trys to open C:\Users\myUser\Appdata\Theocbase\thecobase.sqlite which of course does not exist.

Is there a possibility to tell Theocbase where to look for the DB? Otherwise I suggest you check the code used for copying the database and reuse it during the opening process. :)

Thank you for your great work.

1 week ago

Hi Marc and thanks for your reply.

Yes, actually I fixed it by using an mklink. I just posted here in order to know, if I had missed something and of course in order to tell you what happens if anybody does not have a drive C:\. I do have a drive C, so the first thing I did was really to link it to my current profile.


It is actually in AppData/Roaming/Theocbase. Or it would normally be...

And I wonder what the actual message was literally. It does contain the drive letter. Anyway that is academic now.

I am not in a position to rewrite TheocBase, but I think you should be able to fix this with mklink, assuming you do have a C:drive even when that is not the OS drive.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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