Managing your user account

´╗┐Now when we have moved to GDPR era, we have added some features to the theocbase website so you can easily manage your own account and user data. When you have logged in, you can access your user profile from the menu (image 1). There you can see your profile details you have entered. You can modify your profile anytime, just click the Edit pr...
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Dropbox sync

Aftrer installing version 2018.5.0, click the Cloud button (1) and then the Dropbox login button (2). Enter your Dropbox email (1) and password (2). (Notice that you can decide to use one Dropbox account for all devices/users or you can share the sync file with other Dropbox users in your congragation.) After entering credentials, click "Sign In" (...
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Where can I find the database

Sometimes it is necessary to find Theocbase database for troubleshooting purposes or just copying it to some safe place for backup reasons. You may of course also use the backup button found on Theocbase Settings to make a copy of it.

In settings you can find a button which opens the folder where the database is located.


If you can't access Theocbase, you can find the database in the folder: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\TheocBase (Windows)