1. Philip Hurley
  2. Totally New Features
  3. Tuesday, 05 July 2016
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How about a simple "Note:" field?

Just a thought, but adding one field (called "Note:") for the Weeknight and one for the Weekend meeting would be a very handy way to cover any special needs for each congregation using the program. We could use it to type anything we want to have printed on the Schedule. For example, some might use the "Note:" field to assign Cleaning while others use it for Microphone Handlers, etc. We would still need to track the scheduling of those things seperately, but can have everything on one printout! Plus the generic field could be used to call attention to something special, such as a meeting night change due to the CO visiting a neighboring congregation.

That would buy some time for you dear programming brothers to figure out how to add those individual assignments into the database!

  Chelmsford, MA, USA
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