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  3. Sunday, 18 December 2016
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Hello TheocBase Team,

thank you for adding new features and continuing to make this TheocBase a great help in organizing a congregation. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to use the new territory-manager, though. Do you have some instructions on how to get started?

Thank you very much!

  1. Marlon B
  2. 3 years ago
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Hello Manuel,

here is a brief instruction on how to get started with the territory manager:

In the territories page of the settings you can add the cities that belong to the congregation's territory. This is especially useful if it covers many cities because you can later group the individual territories by these cities in the territory manager.
In the "Territory types"-tab (also in Settings>Territories) you can add the types of territories that you want to use for grouping. For instance "Business", "Refugee Home", "Search", ...

The complete list of territories is found in the list (treeview) on the left side. The corresponding data of the selected territory is on the right side in the Territory tab.
The territories are grouped according to the selection in the "Group by" combobox (currently: city, publisher, territory type or worked through date).

Add territory
1. Use the + button on the left side to add a territory.
2. Enter the territory "No." and the "Locality" in the corresponding fields on the right side.
3. Select the "City" and the "Type" of the territory.

Remove territory
1. Select a territory.
2. Click the – button to remove the selected territory.

Add assignment
1. Click the + button to add an assignment.
2. Select the publisher to whom the territory is assigned to.
3. Enter the date the territory has been checked out.

For further assignments enter first the date, it has been checked back in, before you add a new assignment.

Remove assignment
1. Select an assignment.
2. Click the – button to remove the selected assignment.

Date validation
When dates for the assignments are entered a validation takes place to check for instance whether different time frames overlap or not. Overlapping dates or other errors (like checked out > checked back in) are marked with a red box.
Only empty or valid date values are saved (the text color is black); otherwise the text is red.
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Dave Carlson
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Is this going to be accessed through the mobile app. Also?

David R Carlson

Bayside Congregation

Crescent City, CA. USA

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