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  4. Saturday, 24 June 2017
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Here are three templates I've modified hopefully they will work for you. The WE schedules no longer have all of the fancy WT info what I needed such as the WT reader and Hospitality have been added above the PT info. Also, the one with the ph in the title has the incoming speakers phone number so he can be called by an assigned brother. The OS schedule I also dumbed down a little bit so I could get more info on a page.

let me know if they do or don't work for you and what improvements can be made.

David R Carlson

Bayside Congregation

Crescent City, CA. USA

  Crescent City, CA, USA
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Juha K
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Thanks Dave!

I have now made a new place for Templates. It's easier to handle. Could you please upload them again with this new tool.


Also, where should the OS be shown? It does not appear in my TheocBase in any print menu. Can you discribe it in more details.



  1. Dave Carlson
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Your new way to upload templates is a lot easier
Thanks Dave C
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