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  3. Monday, 26 June 2017
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Hello My Brothers. 


Thank you first off for your hard work and extremely helpful application you have built. It has helped our congregation out immensly. I did have an idea to implement although not sure if possible or already available just me not knowing how to access it. 


One thing that my body of elders would really find helpful would be for the Benefit Book Assignments appear on the handout printout for them to prep before hand when they are up there grading them. Currently I am manually adding them in Adobe but if it could be implemented it would be great.


Thank you my brothers and may Jah bless your hard work. 



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Why use handout? Use Worksheet... (2017-LM-Worksheet). I think it has all you (they) want, inclusing blank space for comments.

And as a tip: I usually make 1 pdf of all worksheets of a month (4 or 5 pages) and mail it to all brothers that can be chairman. Then they print out the page they need. If for some reason or another chairman cannot handle his assigment or swaps assignment with his colleague, there is no need for me to provide him with another worksheet.


For accessing the database my personal preference is http://sqlitebrowser.org/

For editing templates I like to use http://brackets.io/ 


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