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  3. Thursday, 30 November 2017
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We have recently started using your cloud server with 2 user accounts (one brother assigns the "Treasures" and "Living as Christians" parts and the other administers the "Apply in the Ministry" parts. We find that each brother can sync without issue between his own devices, but try to sync data created by Brother 1 to Brother 2 and vice versa doesn't work. Have we missed something in setup to tie both users to the same congregation (both setup pages are actually identical iin terms of Cong name/ CO etc), or do both brothers actually need to share the same user id for this to work?

A further question springs from this. If the answer to the above is use the same user id, how would territory work if we assigned that to a Ministerial Servant? There might be comments on the system about why a brother is suspended from giving assignments which need to be private to brothers who are elders. At the same time those elder users would want access to the territory functionality, thus sync between users would be a must. Are you intending to introduce user roles which would deal with that requirement?



Peter Heath

Dover, UK

Peter Heath
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Peter, there is no functionality to sync between accounts, as far as I know. As a tip it might be helpful to use a dedicated email address (user name), so that there are no big troubles if the holder of the email address moves away, for example.

Of course there is the possibility to exchange databases (not via the cloud) both within and outside of TB, but that I think is not dependable, and a big hassle, prone to mistakes.

I can see your other point. Since I am a user, not a developer, I wouldn't know what the future holds for TB in that respect. Honestly I think in a practical way it is not so very relevant as far as the use of TB is concerned. If LMMO or COBE changes assignments, or changes the availability of an individual to particular assignments, no reason will be noted. I suspend people from certain assignments, because they requested it, and who'd know? If you are afraid a MS will scour TB for such information, you could consider setting up a different account (you already have 2, so you can change 1) for him. Syncing the territory info with the LMM schedule info is not as important as syncing within the LMM schedule. When done, fire the MS ;-)


For accessing the database my personal preference is http://sqlitebrowser.org/

For editing templates I like to use http://brackets.io/ 


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