1. Nikerson Frederique
  2. Midweek Meetings
  3. Thursday, 21 December 2017
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TheocBase is a great and clean tool to prepare the midweek meeting program. However, it'd even greater if the software allowed users to generate automatically the student schedule for the "Bible Reading", and for the "Apply yourself to the field ministry" parts, like TMS or Wintm do. I have to use first Wintm to generate the program, then enter it manually in to TheocBase in a weekly basis. TheocBase can and must be an "one stop shopping" where this helpful feature can be added to make the software a wonderful and complete tool?

Thank you for your hard work and consideration!

Nikerson Frederique
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Juha K
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Hi Nikerson,

That feature has been asked before, but as the organization has instructed, we should not use automatic scheduling by computer software. That is why we are not adding that option to Theocbase.

Kind Regards,


Thank you brothers for following theocratic direction. The response to this post is what promted us to switch to using your software and donating. Keep upmthe good work!
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