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At some point I created a system password, (enable password) a password to access the system. But I do not remember that password.

How can I restore or request an escrow?



  Itapema, SC, 88220-000, Brazil
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You can't. 

To start with I will repeat what I have said earlier on this feature of password protecting the programme: do not use it, unless you have reasonable grounds to be believe that someone unauthorised may access the programme. Usually your computer, or rather your computer account is already password protected.If you share your computer with others, try to have a personal account for each one. (If you don't, you may password protect TheocBase, but anyone who finds the database location, will still be able to read the database with a database editor)

I think I had this problem myself a long time ago. I can't remember details, but somehow I got things working obviously.

I think what I did is more or less this: find the database location and move the database somewhere else, temporarily renaming it too. The database in Windows is in  C:\Users\username]\AppData\Roaming\TheocBase

Then uninstall the Theocbase software. AFter that you will find the Programme folder with all roll-back folders, is still there. In Windows that is C:\Program Files\TheocBase (or C:\Program Files(x86)\TheocBase, if 64-bit). I would rename the Theocbase folder in these directories to something else, like Theocbaseold, or whatever, so that any new installation will not find its way into it again.

Now reinstall TB. A new, empty, database will be created. Remove it and copy the previously saved database into its place. (Copying is safer than moving; if something goes wrong, you can just start again). If you have renamed the old database, you must now name it back to its original theocbase.sqlite now. If you don't TB will recreate a new empty database upon programme start which would be useless.


For accessing the database my personal preference is http://sqlitebrowser.org/

For editing templates I like to use http://brackets.io/ 


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