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  3. Wednesday, 16 January 2019
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Dear Brothers,

First of all, thank you for your hard work!

Unfortunatily the latest release, release 2018.12.0, is no longer compatible with the glibc library of Enterprise Linux 7 (RHEL7, Centos 7, etc). I had to recompile it from source. I deinstalled version 2018.11.0 and it was nog longer available for download, so it was currenly my only option. I also played arround with manually compiling the glibc and forcing the precompiled theocbase binary to use my compiled dinamic linker and glibc symbolic library, but I was still unable to print after that.

My question is:

1. Is it possible to (also) offer a precompiled version compatible with older longer term release of Linux that are shipped with an older release of glibc?

2. If this currently no option: is it also an option to supply a source version dictly on the site with the required instructions on how to build it? I followed the instructions on: https://bitbucket.org/theocbase/theocbase/src, but I'm not sure if I missing some required steps (The last few steps were not documented, so I had guess them myself...). What I did is:

2.1 Manually compile qt 5.11.3 (Centos 7 is default shipped with qt 5.9) with the correct models

2.2 Installed devtoolset-7 (which is shipped with a more recent version of g++, the default version fails during compilation). Updated theobase.pro and uncommented the DESTDIR for release. Executed qmake theocbase.pro. executed make and make install.

2.3 During make install, the translation files were not installed, I had to copy these manually (all .qm).

Are these the correct steps, or am I missing something. I'm also considering to make my own rpm for it (I host a personal repository for all other software that is not default available in the default repos). If you are instrested, it could also be an option to share this on your site.....

Thank you in advance for your reply.

With kind regards,


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Marlon B
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Hi Nathan,

first of all, we rebuilt the Linux package again in order to make it more compatible with other distros.

I hope this is working now but maybe we need to reevaluate or improve this process and will get back to you - thanks for offer.



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