Friday, 22 February 2019
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I see so many posts about this, and everyone just keeps adding the same question. Just repeating a question that wasn't answered before, is hardly ever helpful I'd think.

Over the past few weeks, or months probably, 2 things have been stressed:

1. Do not use older templates. This obviously also means: do not use your custom templates that are based on those older ones. They are not made for 2019 (+3 student assignments), but depending on the setup of your computer, they may still be shown when printing. Best solution is to remove the older templates from your template folder(s).

2. Check your meeting item connections (!!!!!!)

Now, it looks like the questions concerning items missing from print, consistently fail to mention which template they are using EXACTLY (screenshots give a clue, but are not good enough), and whether they have done nr 2. 

This is discouraging to anyone tempted to help, because he will AGAIN have to check if the topic starter has gone through these 2 points. 

It would be helpful to include the info, which also shows any initiative already taken, and I'd guess there is a good chance you may end up not having the issue at all, as this post by a new user points out...

When you do have the question after checking 1. and 2., anyone trying to help you find an answer, at least knows where to not look! Which is much more helpful than one might think.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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