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  3. Wednesday, 06 March 2019
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Hi there. 

im busy filling the schedule for my visiting speaker. 

So I add his theme then congregation. When I go to add his name the drop down menu is blank. Even though I have added his details into the program. 

So I delete the schedule and start again. This time I add his name and congregation then the theme drop down is blank when it was there before. 

It looks like a bug. Because the fields are populated but you can only fill in two then the third is blank. 

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I am sorry, but I don't understand the question at all. It is not clear how you have entered congregations, speakers and talks. Anyway, some general info:

Make sure that TB is set in the same language that you want to choose the talks in. If you are scheduling an English congregation, TB must be on English too. I know that sounds stupid, but not my fault...

Talks must also be connected to the speaker. In Settings click Weekend meeting, find the congregation the speaker is from, find (or add) the speaker, then click the stylus below and make sure you tick the appropriate talks.


For accessing the database my personal preference is http://sqlitebrowser.org/

For editing templates I like to use http://brackets.io/ 


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