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  3. Wednesday, 13 March 2019
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I apologize in advance, as I am not a very experienced user with Linux, so I probably won't have all the technical details that might be necessary, but I'm having some issues, and will try to be thorough.

I recently purchased a Chromebook (HP x2) and have been able to successfully install several Linux programs, so I decided to try and install Theocbase.  I downloaded the installer and was able to run it successfully via the terminal (and although I did have some trouble doing this, it worked and I don't believe I caused any issues at this point).  I was then able to see the folder with all the files, and had the Theocbase icon show up under "Linux Apps" in my launcher. 

The issue I'm having is that whenever I click on the icon, the icon will appear on the shelf, like it's trying to open, but never will.  It just has the white circle spinning over the icon, like it's trying, but it never does.

I'm sorry if that's not enough information, or if I did something on my end.  Should I just delete everything and redownload and try to reinstall again?

Thank you, and sorry for the trouble!

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Dave Carlson
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Didn't even know a chrome book could run any Linux program learn something new everyday. Link to computer world's you might try this.link it might have more info or perhaps help you with a step you might have missed. My only experience is with Linux machines

David R Carlson

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Crescent City, CA. USA

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