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  3. Tuesday, 15 March 2016
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Although it's not desirable - but happens that brother due to their work are regularly unavailable

For example "When Week of year is dividable by Two, i have to work late" or
" have to work two days early, two late, two at night and three days im free" so i have to divide number of day by nine and in respond to the rest after division brother is available or not.
or "I'm available only while school ist out"

so would be great to have a more conveniant way for unavailable brothers. Would be great to have a calendar-sheet were I could just pick the unavailable days or some fields to put a mathematical solution to find, who is off. May look like this

When (picklist: Week of year / day of month / day of week / Nr of day absolut) is devided by (Input) - Rest of division should be (Input-Field)

And to make it more funny - this may be different for MW or Weekendmeeting.

It's not top priority, but can imagine that this may be useful not only for me :)
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