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  3. Wednesday, 02 October 2019
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Research Chemicals, stimulants, cannabinoids, opioids, Benzos etc


CONTACT - [10/10] Very fast and helpful. Wickr; seanpaxson

HANDLING TIME - [10/10] Pack was shipped out the day after payment sent.

SHIPPING - [10/10] 5-7 days 

PACKAGING - [9/10] Relative good stealth decoy.

WEIGHT - [10/10] On point.

QUALITY - [10/10] Perfect! (97%+ Purity)

Pricing - [10/10] Depending on the product and quantity... Shipping cost 50$ from China

Email - (10/10) seanpaxson364@protonmail.com  Contact for product list.

Shipping Destinations - USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, South America.

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Sean Paxson is a full line authorized distributor of quality Research Chemicals from China. Our current stock of Research Chemicals has competitive rates and timely stock-reship service, and all you need do is get to us for more details. Wickr; seanpaxson or seanpaxson364@protonmail.com
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