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  3. Tuesday, 07 January 2020
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When selecting a married brother as the Student in teh Apply Yourself portion of the meeting, you should be able to select his wife as the assistant (I believe it used to be available). However when filling out the schedule for March, when selecting a brother, married, his wife is not an option as the Assistant. My work around was to temporarily assign the brothers wife to male, select her as the assistant, then change her gender back to female. I have attached a screenshot of the settings I have for the sister, whose husband was assigned the Student part, possibly I have a setting wrong (I do have them minked as Femily members).

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According to S-38 that would only be possible on a First Call (as far as I know). TB is designed to follow that.


For accessing the database my personal preference is http://sqlitebrowser.org/

For editing templates I like to use http://brackets.io/ 


Thank You Mark, I just realized the CLM overseer was assigning this to a First Return visit.
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