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  4. Saturday, 16 April 2016
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I have entered the congregation including the name in settings.

So it shows the name of the congregation.

But I do not see an option to include the name on the 2016 handout print.
Is there a way to put it on the print?

I have changed the name of the meeting in additional options, but it's also not showing up on the printout
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The handout was not originally intended for the announcement board. That is why congregation name is not included: you would not send it to anyone outside your own congregation. The placeholder for the congregation name is !CONGREGATION_TITLE! (I hope...). You may check the other schedule that does have the congregation name to check this. You can change the handout template to include it.


For accessing the database my personal preference is http://sqlitebrowser.org/

For editing templates I like to use http://brackets.io/ 


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