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I have tried numerous times to reformat Weeks 3-5 of May and the same problem constantly persists for those weeks. (May 17 onward) The format looks good when complete, but as soon as I go to save, the order of talks/assignments instantly goes wonky. (see picture) 

Thank you for your time!

7 months ago

Unfortunately the picture didn't  come along.

I wonder how you reformatted. The thing is, if you just reimported the workbook, and for some reason or another the item order was wrong the first time, the database table that has that order is not erased and rebuilt, meaning: it continues to dictate the wrong order. 

But there are other ways of 'reformatting' that could go wrong.

Did you have to reformat the schedule to adapt it to some local arrangement circumstances? If you didn't and you are essentially following the workbook, use a database editor (see my signature below) and remove anything from May and June 2021 from the tables lmm_assignments, lmm_assignments, lmm_schedule, lmm_schedule_assist and lmm_meeting, close and save, and reimport workbook.

Preferably, you should print/pdf any schedules you had already made before this, because you will have to reenter them. If you want we can do a Teamviewer session.

[EDIT] Would that be Stirling, Scotland?

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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