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I am using TheocBase on Windows, and editing all the data on Windows, and synced via Dropbox, and using data on iOS/iPadOS.  But the iOS/iPadOS version does not have Japanese as the interface language.  For this reason, I coud not choose talks in Japanese with Japanese langauge Id.  All the public talks were entered as Japanese, and set the language as Japanese.

On windows, I could choose Japaense for the interface, so that I could see the talks on schedule if I set the interface language Japanes.

Is it possible for Japanese  to be added as interface language as an option on iOS/iPadOS?   ( I am wondering if htis post is a bug or an issue, or feature request...... Anyway, I added it as an issue. :) )

Thank you for your fine support!

Warm regards,

Chang Fan

6 months ago

I do not see why you cannot choose a talk in a language that does not match your UI language, but it is true. Additionally I am on Windows and I cannot choose Japanese.... In the website that translators use to translate the UI strings, Japanese is not listed either.

The quick(er) way to solve this, is to redefine the language of the talk titles. Open the database with a database editor (see my signature below. And be aware, if you locate the database throug the 'open database' button in Settings, you must close TheocBase first, or else you run into problems.)

Find the 'langauge' table, and find your UI language. Copy (Ctrl+C) the cell that holds the id (in my case, English e.g. is 2 and Spanish is 11, but I am not 100% sure this is the same everywhere).

Now switch to the  'publictalks' table. Find the language_id column and select all cells by clicking the top one, and then dragging all the way down. Then paste (Ctrl+V) to change all cells to the new value.  Repeat for any cells you may have missed in the selection.

You should be OK now.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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