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when i try to download the midweek meeting to theocbase a new box comes up asking me to "select the talk names to match the names we found in the workbook" cant get passed that to enter new schedule. Help!!!

5 months ago

It is not very common for that to show up... Maybe a language that is not (fully) recognised.

Essentially what it is asking to do, is to match what TB reads from the workbook to a preset meeting item in TheocBase. 

So let's say the workbook has an expression for Initial Call, you choose (double click) in your selection box and find Initial Call. Return visit should be matched to 'First Return Visit' etc. Note the difference between Bible Study and Congregation Bible Study, as well as the difference between  'Sample conversation video' and 'other meeting item with video'. 

If you can't get around it, just try hitting cancel or OK, until you are through. The schedule now probably is rubbish. Go to Settings - LMM Meeting, and in the Main tab, go over the meeting items in the left hand column one by one, and check the value in the right hand column. If not correct, double click and select correct value.

Then remove the imported schedule (Settings - LMM Meeting - Schedule tab) by selecting the imported weeks one by one in the top box, each time clicking the minus sign after selecting and confirm you want to delete. Reimport.

For accessing the database my personal preference is

For editing templates I now use 


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