Version 2018.4.0 published

New version 2018.4.0 has been published.

Please remember to always take a backup of your Theocbase database before running the update.

Download here

Here's what has been done since last version:

  • Switch edit mode on territory map in order to adjust address marker position
  • Reassigning territory of address markers via context menu
  • New setting to store the default address type
  • Improved KML file import
  • New territory template for statistical purposes (2018-TR-TerritoryCoverageMap.htm)
  • Improved map size on Territory Map Card (S-12)

  • Offline Help
  • New extended worksheet template for midweek meeting
  • Editable midweek meeting notes (opening comments / review)
  • improved lmm-worksheets; now only showing auxiliary rooms when they're actually scheduled (useful when a congregation has aux. rooms only once or twice a month for example)
  • new extended lmm-worksheet - complete overview for the chairman as well as preview for next week and optional notes from openening/closing comments (e.g. announcements)
  • added opening/closing comments with possibility to enter notes