Version 2018.09.0 published

New version 2018.09.0 has been published.

Download here

New features and changes:

  • New MW and WE templates
  • Ability to share PDF file in Dropbox
  • New icons on main screen when no meeting exception
  • Student / assistant icons in the assignment history
  • Show a preliminary counsel point inside parenthesis in addition to the 'be-book' when queued assignments
  • ISO date format is now used in the chairman / prayer dropdown list
  • Support to cancel midweek or weekend meeting in memorial week
  • New printing tags: !EXCEPTION_DATE! and !CO_TITLE!
  • Actual meeting dates are now displayed in LMM dropdown menus
  • Thai language translations added

Bug fixes:

  • Unavailabilities list is now sortable and sorted by date by default
  • Actual meeting date is now used to check unavalabilities
  • Bugfix to display the right publisher after adding a new territory assignment
  • Bugfix to sort student list when assigning LMM parts
  • Bugfix to take account start date when resolving the next cousel point
  • Do not allow to select an assistant who is the opposite sex (return visit or bible study)
  • Do not allow to assign the same person simultaneously in main hall and aux. classes
  • Bugfix to show the correct 'together-date' in the assignment dropdown
  • Cloud sync fixes

Mobile apps:

  • Bug fixes