2021.06.2 published.

2021.06.2 has been published. Download here New features and changes: New weekend meeting template (WE-Schedule_3) Bug fixes: Fixed issue where duplicate notes appear in cloud syncSome templates do not display the songs correctly in the week of a virtual conventionTerritories appear as unassigned when grouped by publishersFiltering public talk...
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Version 2021.06.1 published.

New version 2021.06.1 has been published. Download here New features and changes: Scheduling virtual conventions Bug fixes: Corrections for the COMBO_3 template📱Backup file cannot be saved on Android📱Android: Blank page after login depending on default browser Note: Templates for meeting schedules other than the COMBO_3 cannot be maintained at...
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Version 2021.06.0 published.

New version 2021.06.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes: Bug fixes:Error upon cloud syncingWatchtower import📱Mobile: Notes field not saved📱Mobile: Syncing via pull-to-refresh

Version 2021.05.0 published.

New version 2021.05.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes: TheocBase Help is available in UkrainianAdjustments for importing Fon, Russian and Xhosa meeting workbooks Bug fixes: Corrections for the COMBO_3 templateNo message about deleted cloud data in certain situations"Elder"-role is not sufficient to sync the notes

Version 2021.03.0 published.

New version 2021.03.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes: Additional "Notes"-field for midweek and weekend meetingsNew MW/WE meeting template (COMBO_3; for notes, see instructions at the top of the file)Printing tag for the start date (Monday) of a weekPrinting tag for the week in a date range formatPrinting tag for the...
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Version 2021.02.0 published.

New version 2021.02.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes: Adjustments for date formats to correspond to the TheocBase language settingAdjustments to import Gun and Romany (Serbia) meeting workbooksBug fixes:Corrected permission for assigning discussion with video in the FM-sectionUpdate chairman and aux. couns...
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Version 2021.01.1 published.

New version 2021.01.1 has been published. Download here 2021.01.1Bug fixes:Text rendering issue on macOSFields on the main page are out of place when assigning an auxiliary counselorVersion conflict error appears in FinnishCrashes on midweek history or selecting a personAuxiliary rooms were not printed correctly when assigning the new mem...
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Version 2021.01.0 published.

New version 2021.01.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Adjustments to the 2021 midweek meeting changesSize of the notes-field for student assignments adjustedSmall updates to templates according to 2021 design of the workbookBug fixes:List of publishers for territory assignments is unsortedAddresses can not always be ...
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Version 2020.11.0 published.

New version 2020.11.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Select all streets at once in the 'Add streets'-dialogTheocBase Help is available in SwedishBug fixes:Outgoing speaker assignment printing did not workUpdate the streets and addresses in the map after removing territoriesDropdown position on second scree...
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Version 2020.10.0 published.

New version 2020.10.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Filtering in the 'Add streets'-dialog improvedTheocBase Help is available in CzechBug fixes:S-89 text size adjusting did not workAfter importing S-89, field locations were missing or mixed up in some languagesPaper size could not be changed in printingWelcome...
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Version 2020.09.0 published.

New version 2020.09.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Hebrew translations and preliminary support for right-to-left UITheocBase Help is available in Hebrew đź“±Mobile: Improvements for printingSupport for assignment slips (S-89)Custom templatesAbility to adjust text sizeBug fixes:S-89 printingHTML printing

Version 2020.08.0 published.

New version 2020.08.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:📱Mobile: Print supportDesktop: email reminders restoredAn app-specific password is required in order to use iCloud or Gmail. You can generate an app-specific password after you enable two-factor authentication. (iCloud: https://support.apple.com/HT204397, Gmail: h...
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Version 2020.06.0 published.

New version 2020.06.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Option to show song titles on the scheduleFinal prayer for the weekend meetingDesktop: Email reminders are no longer supported.Read More...Desktop: Copy assignments to the clipboardDesktop: Share assignments using the sharing menu on Windows and macOS or emai...
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Reminder emails

Dear brothers, Sending email reminders using theocbase smtp is not possible at the moment.Our service provider has disabled sending emails as there are too many emails been sent and it is against their terms of sercvice.  We are working for alternative solution for this. We are very sorry if this causes more work for you at the moment. Please ...
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Version 2020.05.0 published

New version 2020.05.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:📱Mobile: Toolbar re-arranged on the main pageNew print option: Talks of SpeakersBug fixes:Shared PDF was not uploaded to the shared Dropbox folderFixes to create and modify midweek schedule in the settingsFixed midweek templates to show correct opening timeFixes t...
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Changes to User accounts and Templates

Dear Theocbase users, theocbase website has been under attack in past days and to prevent such action in the future we are going to make some changes. User accounts User accounts will be verified by sending email the new users for extra confirmationUser account that has not been used for an year will be deleted  Tempates Template uploads is no...
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Version 2020.03.0 published

New version 2020.03.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Improved readability of the help file in dark modePermission to set hosts for public speakers adjusted📱Mobile: Edit special dates (exceptions). Tap 'Week starting' text to open the edit view.📱Mobile: Select active week from the calendar. Tap and hold the cale...
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Version 2020.02.0 published

New version 2020.02.0 has been published. Download here New features and changes:Display streets on the territory mapJoin territoriesImproved templates for printing territory street listsBug fixes:Improvements for printing single assignment slipsFix to not use deleted song titlesPrint song and talk titles in the selected UI languageWorkbook im...
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Version 2019.12.0 published

New version 2019.12.0 has been published. Download here Support for updated assignment slipsBug fixes

Version 2019.11.1 published

New version 2019.11.1 has been published. Download here Bug fixes: epub import fixed