General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

Dear Brothers,

General Data Protection Regulation comes in to effect at the end of May 2018. Many of you theocbase users in EU region have been asking, how our site and cloud sync service will comply with this regulation.

At the moment our hosted site and cloud sync service is located in the USA. That is not good for our users in the EU as we can't guarantee that the service provider comply with GDPR. 

Cloud sync

Therefore we have made a decision to move the cloud sync storage out of our hands. We have thought different possibilities and decided to change the sync system to work with Dropbox. That is because we have found Dropbox to comply with GDPR very well and they are very committed to fulfill this regulation. We will inform more about the change here in the news section and of course we will release instructions when everything is ready.

Registering to theocbase website and using the forums

As mentioned before, our hosted website is located in the USA. After we have changed the cloud sync storage inside the EU region we could leave the website including the forums in that location. We do handle all user information ourselves and we are not transferring data to any third parties. All users are being informed of this when registering to our site. Even now, the cloud sync and registering to theocbase website are different and not related to each other in any way. However, we are looking for possibilities to transfer also the theocbase website inside the EU region to service provider that complies with GDPR all over.

We will add a GDPR clause to our site in few days.

More information:

EU GDPR Information Portal

Dropbox GDPR Guidance