Ta1ks import available

Data Transfer - Import Data (Click to enlarge)

​From the latest version of TheocBase (2016.06.0) it is now possible to import data from Ta1ks software.

The Ta1ks-import can be accessed through a new dropdown menu (label: Ta1ks) of the import-button (+) on the data exchange page. 

The next step is to select the directory, where the dat-files of Ta1ks can be found. That is the installation directory, where also the ta1ks.exe file can be found. 

The following data will be imported

  • congregations
  • talks
  • brothers/speakers
  • history of in/outgoing talks
  • chairmen and wt-readers
The following data will not be imported:

  • Hospitality
  • talks wishlist
  • speakers' availability